From start to finish - our goal is to truly partner with our clients and offer the most beneficial of services. Through our experience and industry diversity we have found what works and offer all available services and resources to our clients in order to generate the highest possible returns. 

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Calls & Letters

In attempts to communicate and settle accounts with all debtors we utilize multiple letter sources, an autodialer system,  and personalized calls from our collectors. Our team of professional accounts receivable experts operate with the highest integrity at all times. All of our collection efforts follow proper FDCPA and TCPA guidelines.

Online Payment Options

Offering our debtors multiple options for paying on an account is crucial. Some individuals are too embarrased to talk with a collector, while others just enjoy the convenience of an online transaction. 

We have a secure web portal where balances can be paid by setting up a recurring billing option or by just making one time payments. 


We recognize that some individuals just aren't going to resolve their accounts in a timely manner without extra efforts. At the clients request, we do have the option of pursuing collections through a legal means with collection attorneys. 

All collection efforts through our attorney are legal, ethical, and FDCPA, TCPA compliant.

Custom Client Reports

Accurate and relevant reports are absolutely critical in this industry. With our top of the line collections software we are able to offer virtually any report needed for our clients. You just advise the content needed, the format you need it in, the frequency of the reporting, who the recipients should be and we handle the rest.  

Client Access Portal

Another great benefit of our collections software is the ability to grant our clients access to their data at anytime from anywhere. This accessibility helps clients always know the status of their accounts in real time. 


Custom Collection Fees

We recognize that every business is different so one size doesn't fit all. We take many factors into considerating when agreeing on the best collection fees with our clients. 

All of our services are offered on a contingency fee basis which means we don't make any money unless you make money. 

Call Recording

We pride ourselves on always communicating with our debtors with the highest amount of respect and professionalism. For quality control purposes we have technology that records calls. This is especially helpful in situations where there are disputes about information provided during a call.


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